Prana Global Sales offers a range of services, including global sales strategy creation, value selling process development and CRM integration, value estimation tools for your sales team, sales training programs, and sales leadership coaching. We are dedicated to helping technology companies enhance their sales performance and achieve substantial growth.

Our services are geared towards the sales team leader who wants to build a high-performing sales team that drives consistent sales growth. We also aim to enable sales producers to win more deals and increase win rate against their competition by following our proven value selling methodology. We work with technology companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms.

Our Sales Leader Coaching service is designed to help sales leaders unlock their leadership potential. We provide coaching on global multi-cultural team building, go-to-market strategy, sales performance management, sales opportunity targeting/management, and contract negotiation.

The Global Sales Strategy program equips sales leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to build and execute winning sales strategies. The program covers key elements such as synergy with product development and marketing, how to research your target market, new market entry analysis, choosing and leveraging sales channels, and building a high-performing sales team.

Prana Global Sales can help your sales team improve its performance by providing coaching and training on effective sales strategies, value selling methodology, and leadership skills. We equip your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand client needs, create value-differentiating solutions, and drive sales growth.

Eddie Geisel has over 20 years of experience leading technology sales and business development teams in various sectors across six continents. He has coached hundreds of sales executives, helping them build strong sales strategies, high-performing teams, and effectively negotiate large contracts.

Prana Global Sales has experience working with technology companies across various industries including mining, aerospace, medical, advanced materials, and oil/gas sectors.

Prana Global Sales offers a Global Sales Strategy service that includes global market analysis, building multi-cultural global sales teams, and creating global management frameworks. This service is designed to ensure consistent sales management and performance across global teams.

Value Selling Methodology is a sales approach that focuses on understanding and addressing the specific problems of clients and providing solutions that deliver unique value. This methodology is critical because it allows your sales team to differentiate your offerings from competitors and ensure your clients realize the true value of the technology they purchase.

At Prana Global Sales, we believe each company is unique and requires a unique approach. Therefore, we take the time to understand your specific challenges, needs, and goals before crafting a coaching or training program that is tailored to your specific situation.

Companies that work with Prana Global Sales can expect improved sales effectiveness, increased market share, and rapid revenue growth. Our services are designed to drive substantial improvements in sales performance.

Sales coaching is essential for technology companies because technology products can be complex and require a deep understanding of client needs and product details. Effective sales coaching can help your sales team better understand these nuances and become more effective in securing sales.

As part of our executive sales coaching, we provide training on effective contract negotiation techniques. This includes understanding the nuances of the negotiation process, creating win-win situations, and ensuring that the terms of the contract align with your business goals.

Prana Global Sales offers coaching and training on how to build and manage multicultural sales teams. This includes understanding cultural differences, effective communication techniques, and strategies for managing a diverse team.

Sales managers play a crucial role in leading their teams and driving sales performance. Our training equips sales managers with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead their teams effectively, optimize sales performance, and ensure their teams can deliver value-differentiating solutions to clients.

To start working with us, you can reach out through our contact page on our website. We will arrange a consultation to understand your needs and objectives, and then create a customized coaching or training plan tailored to your company.

Our Sales Training program is a comprehensive training for sales producers, covering areas such as strategic sales planning, value selling, and client relationship management. The program is tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring it delivers the most value to your sales team.

“Prana” is often defined to mean “life force” or “vital principal”. In the context of sales, your sales team is the “life force” that is vital to your company’s success. Prana Global Sales helps to energize and optimize this life force.

Prana Global Sales helps address common sales challenges such as defining the unique needs of each client, mapping those needs to specific technology solutions, creating realistic sales goals, targeting the right clients, and creating value-differentiating business cases for technology offerings.

Your sales team’s performance is dependent on your sales manager’s ability to create sales strategy and motivate the sales team to perform. Your sales producer’s success is dependent on their ability to execute the sales strategy, connect with the proper client stakeholders, and advance sales deals to close. We will ensure that your sales team is optimized to perform at its highest level, which will lead to improved sales, higher profit margins, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.