Empower Your Technology Sales Leaders with Sales Coaching and Training

The success of your business lies in the hands of your sales leader and their sales team. To perform optimally, your sales leaders and sales producers need continuous development to keep up with technology sales trends that are always evolving. When you invest in sales leader and sales producer development, you are setting your company up for robust growth and sustainable success. We work closely with your sales executives, sales managers, and sales leaders to ensure they have the skills necessary to successfully lead diverse, multigenerational sales teams that are often situated in many places around the world. We teach how to create an effective coaching cadence to proactively motivate and lead their sales teams in the ever-changing technology sector.

Our sales coaching and training programs

Our sales coaching and training programs are hands-on and customized to your needs. We develop unique material that is specifically suited for your business and the markets you serve. Our cutting-edge, personalized coaching and training services can be delivered in-person or remotely. Gamification and simulation, including role playing and workshops, will allow your sales team a safe environment to practice what they learn in real-world situations crafted by our coaches. We incorporate a data-driven approach that ensures real-time sales performance analysis that can keep up with the dramatic shifts within technology markets. Finally, we can work with you to develop a continuous learning platform that includes videos, written material, and comprehensive assessments.

Focus Areas

  • How to achieve Coaching Excellence
  • How to prioritize your pipeline focus
  • Using data to diagnose and improve sales
  • How to communicate clear expectations
  • Building Your Executive Presence
  • Building and motivating diverse, multi-generational sales teams
  • Creating and tracking attainable sales stretch goals and tracking them with leading indicators
  • Creating incentive compensation plans that work
  • Who do you coach, who do you manage, and who do you leave alone?
  • How to manage underperforming sales individuals
  • How to create and lead a successful key account strategy
  • How to plan and execute an effective sales call
  • How to create and use calibrated questions to define client pain points
  • How to create value differentiation
  • Presenting impactful value-based business cases
  • Preparing for your negotiation – are you ready?
  • When do you close a deal and when do you wait?
  • How to write effective contracts
  • Win/Loss analysis