Develop a Value Selling Process That Matches How Your Clients Make Buying Decisions

All successful technology sales teams follow a specific sales process that is consistent and measurable.The Prana Global Sales approach to sales success is built around deep client relationship building and focuses on demonstrating the value and benefits of your technology products and services.The question that perplexes many technology firms is, “How do we do this?”. Value selling goes beyond simply highlighting product features and is hyper-focused on the outcomes and results your clients can achieve with your products and services.


Prana Global Sales Value Selling Methodology

At Prana Global Sales we empower your sales leaders and producers to plan and execute a customer-centric approach to technology sales that starts by understanding the customer’s business, specific pain points they are dealing with, and their goals for a desired future state. Your sales team will learn how to develop the questions they should ask to get the information they need to build a quantifiable business case with clear return on investment and business impact. We will help your sales team gain confidence in all stages of your unique value selling process to ensure the value proposition they present to the customer will differentiate your solution from your competition.

Focus Areas

  • Create a unique value selling process that follows how your clients make buying decisions
  • Create client-centric sales activities
  • Define what proof you need to have to advance a sales opportunity in the sales process
  • How to utilize data throughout the sales process and create actionable reports
  • How to optimize your CRM tool to your sales process and drive sales success
  • Creating a sales manual that outlines your sales process and activities clearly