Negotiate to Win

The Prana Global Sales negotiation program will teach your sales leaders simple psychological strategies and tactics that work to calm people down, establish rapport, gain trust, elicit the verbalization of needs, and persuade their negotiation counterpart of their empathy. It all starts with the premise that people want to be understood and accepted. We believe that a properly planned and executed negotiation is necessary to close the deal. Closing techniques are irrelevant if your sales team is not adept at negotiation. When done correctly, a negotiation should naturally lead to your sales team asking for and winning the deal.

Focus Areas

  • Defining the negotiating styles of your clients
  • Planning your negotiation strategy
  • How to incorporate tactical empathy into your negotiation
  • Creating and executing strategic, calibrated questions to shape the negotiation
  • Using mirroring and labelling to counter objections
  • Using value differentiation to counter objections
  • How to effectively handle pricing objections without discounting
  • How to gain commitment without being pushy