The word “Prana” means thriving life force. Your sales team is the force that breathes life into your business. Every company’s survival and growth hinge on effectively planning and executing a robust sales strategy, maximizing profits, and retaining a loyal customer base. Prana Global Sales is uniquely positioned to leverage your sales team’s potential to be THE thriving force in your business.

Our founder, Eddie Geisel, brings more than 20 years of experience in leading technology sales and business development across a wide range industries, including the medical, aerospace, advanced materials, mining and energy sectors across six continents. While leading diverse global sales teams, Eddie realized that many technology companies don’t focus enough effort on leading sales performance and coaching sales results. Their sales strategies are often not in sync with the product strategy or marketing strategy. In many cases, their sales process doesn’t capitalize on how their clients make purchasing decisions. Eddie has created an end-to-end, holistic value selling program that empowers sales leaders and gives them the tools they need to realize their true selling and leading potential.

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Inspire Sales Performance

Throughout his career, Eddie has coached hundreds of sales executives in start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. He has guided them in building high-performing sales teams, creating unique go-to-market sales strategies, establishing value-driven sales processes, advancing complex sales opportunities to closure, and effectively negotiating sizeable contracts against strong competition.

Under Eddie’s mentorship, his clients have consistently achieved exponential yearly sales growth and maintained and outstanding track record of winning sales against competition.



I have always appreciated Eddie’s positive and constructive approach to solving complex issues. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a leader for any organization because of his expertise in sales, abilities as a leader and attitude as a team player.

Lucas van Latum

Principal Advisor, Komatsu

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Our Mission

Our mission at Prana Global Sales is to unlock the latent leadership potential in sales executives, equipping them with the requisite skills and confidence to drive monumental sales growth. We strive to imbue them with the knowledge and techniques that will empower their sales teams to consistently exceed targets and excel in a competitive marketplace.

Prana Global Sales’ unique approach combines a comprehensive understanding of your technology product, the ability to identify and address your clients’ needs, and a profound grasp of market dynamics. Our dedicated team ensures that our clients achieve sustainable growth while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our coaching services

Our coaching services are tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you’re an emerging start-up finding your footing or a Fortune 100 company looking to further strengthen your sales team, Prana Global Sales provides you with strategies and tools that will significantly enhance your sales performance.

We believe that robust sales growth and business expansion are grounded in sound leadership and a consistent coaching methodology. We will guide you in developing a coaching program that will empower your sales leaders to build, motivate and lead your sales team to exceed your sales goals. Our sales methodology focuses on coaching and empowering your sales leaders to build a thorough understanding of your client’s unique needs and map those needs your specific technology solutions with proven value.