Innovative technology products are extremely robust and technically complicated.  Due to the sophisticated nature of these products, leading technology companies are challenged with how to efficiently and effectively go to market and secure sales.  Sales teams must understand the intimate needs of their clients in each respective industry domain.  They must also understand the intricate details of the products they represent and how the technology will deliver value by solving client’s problems.  

To ensure rapid market share and revenue growth, technology sales managers must create and lead sales teams that can effectively become the conduit between the engineering-centric product development teams and the client.  

Sales managers often fail to optimize sales performance because their sales team members have trouble defining the unique needs of each client and mapping those needs to specific technology solutions.  Many sales managers and sales producers have trouble creating realistic sales goals, targeting the right clients, defining their client’s problems, and creating value-differentiating business cases for their technology offerings.  This can lead to mediocre sales performance and clients that do not realize the true value of the technology they purchase.  

Prana Global Sales understands these challenges and helps technology companies to create the right go-to-market and sales channel strategy, build a sales team calibrated for rapid sales growth, and empower sales leaders to optimize the sales performance of their teams on a global scale with customized sales coaching programs.

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