About Prana

Every company must execute sales and maximize revenues to survive and grow. The word “Prana” is often defined to mean “life force” or “vital principal”. Your sales team is the “life force” that is vital to your company’s success.

Prana Global Sales was founded by Eddie Geisel following 20 years of successfully leading technology sales and business development teams in the mining, aerospace, medical, advanced materials, and oil/gas sectors across 6 continents.

Eddie has coached hundreds of sales executives, within start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, on how to create strong sales strategies, build high-performing sales teams, establish proper value selling processes, advance sales opportunities to closure, and effectively negotiate large contracts.

The companies Eddie has worked with consistently execute very high yearly sales growth, and yearly sales win rates against competition have been best in class.

The Prana Global Sales mission is to empower sales executives to unlock their leadership potential so they can effectively drive monumental sales growth through their sales teams.